The last two decades of the 21st century has laid a solid foundation for digital life, which will continue to grow at an exponential rate for the rest of the century.

A vast majority of companies are adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) models into their business structures as a part of the Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives.

Thousands of SaaS startups are evolving around the globe and offering disruptive services at scale, challenging the big players in the industry.

With rising demand to build SAAS product lines, there is a parallel requirement for SAAS Experience (UX) Design Experts.

The only constant in life—and business—is change, to stand out in the 2020s, candidates must embrace that reality. Handling complex problems that are not well defined and understanding the human needs to re-frame the issue in human-centric ways through brainstorming sessions, and then adopt a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing is a proven

solution-based approach. 

Organizations require people who can creatively approach problems and tasks across all business roles.

As the average attention span of consumers is decreasing every year, people have little patience for products that aren't intuitive, where UX Design is needed. Organizations need more expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences


  • Age - 15 yrs & above. 
  • Education and Experience (any discipline) 
  • Creativity, coupled with Strategic Thinking, is the prime qualification to become a successful Digital Marketing Expert. 


Venture Based Learning is the proprietary upskilling methodology promoted by IN-CUBE to cultivate the digital talent in the current fourth industrial revolution era. 

A holistic approach towards digital product and solution delivery competency (design, build, launch, operate) are adopted, focusing on inculcating the TIME competency (Technology, Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship) along with the Decision-Making capabilities (observe, imitate, innovate, invent) at every phase.

What will you learn?


  • Understanding the SAAS Client/Product owner requirement.
  • Learn to observe and identify your competitors and analyze their products, services, and business process. 
  • Analyze your competitor’s user psychology, experience & journey using the product.
  • How to identify your target audience, product user needs, gather information, process gaps via collaborative and individual empathy exercises, and also by using persona mapping.
  • Define the product or solution using information obtained by empathy exercises.
  • Ideate the product or solution through an iterative process and innovate it into a better lean and seamless product or solution.


  • Learn how to create a wireframe for an innovative product or solution designed in the design phase.
  • Learn how positive and effective user experience is crucial to the success of any SAAS application.
  • Develop a low fidelity prototype using the best of the tools.
  • Design your SAAS product or solution for your target audience.
  • Research tools & techniques and identify apt tool for prototyping
  • Learn design guidelines and patterns specific to SAAS applications.
  • Learn Prototyping Techniques.
  • Evaluate and test the prototype with stakeholders and product users.


  • Each participant will work on multiple exercises in both Design and Build phases. 
  • The assignments shall be both individual and team-based activities. 
  • An industry expert shall evaluate each assignment with thorough feedback for improvement.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers sessions from industry experts for interaction and  understand best practices.


SaaS UX Designer Jobs for top-performing candidates - based on the assignments' score.


A certificate of completion of the SAAS UX DESIGN program at the successful end of the sessions.


Mr. Satya Vakada, Co-founder of INNOZENS - an Artificial Intelligence embedded SaaS company offering Human Resource as a Service

Ms. Usha, Co-founder of INNOZENS - a Biotechnology Researcher, turned Technocrat and a Digital evangelist


  •  8 Weekends (Sat & Sun) 
  • 16 Interactive Sessions (90 minutes each) 
  • An additional 4-6 hrs of weekly effort is required to complete the assignments. 


  • A New Batch starts every 8 Weeks

Mode of Delivery

 Online, Instructor-Led


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