Leadership is always misinterpreted and co-related to a role or a level in the hierarchy. 

Instead, it is a quality, skill, and trait which reflects in an individual, team, organization, and nation as a whole.

Pre-University Leadership Program is exclusively designed for ages 13-18, a generation soon moving into their real-life making career, life and work decisions.

What happens in the 4 Weeks:

An entirely virtual, interactive and work-to-learn experience with

  • 3-5 member teams
  • Two Projects
  • Teams with Hierarchy
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem Solving
  • Industry Mentorship
  • Offline Exercises
  • Task & Team Orchestration
  • Work Reviews
  • Fun & Entertainment

Participation Fee: INR 12,500/-

Intake: 30 Participants per Batch

Mentor Connect: (4 Hrs per Week)

  • Mon & Wed (Batch 1)
  • Tue & Thu (Batch 2)
  • Fri & Sat (Batch 3)

Team Connect: 

Every Day between Team Members

Teamwork will be monitored and delivered through a suite of corporate standard communication & collaboration tools.

Mentors: (April 2020)

Mr. Srikanth Talluri (Stanford & MIT)

Mr. Talluri has been instrumental in establishing IN-CUBE Digital Foundation with like-minded industry leaders and stalwarts - with a mission to promote 20,000 venture creators & orchestrators and 200 hi-value ventures, aka startups by 2025.

Guest Mentors from the Industry with Proven Leadership Experience and Excellence.