Mode of Delivery

Online, Instructor-Led



Data, Applications, and People are the critical assets of every large corporation. Digital Footprints of every organization have evolved into hundreds of applications and petabytes - exabytes of data, over the last few decades.

Most of the companies today are facing challenge integrating this application footprint and re-using the data from across all the departments and functions. Many are still surviving their business on legacy data centers, technologies, frameworks, and tools.

The emergence of the latest and highly robust and scalable Mobility, Social, Cloud, Analytics, and Cyber Security offerings are now re-shaping every industry.

A big challenge for all the existing brands to re-shape and re-design themselves to survive the competition from digital-born startups with 3-5 years of existence.

"Every Large Corporate is again a Startup in Industry 4.0" for these reasons.

who can attend


  • Tower Leads, Team Leads, Senior Design & Development staff.
  • Solution Architects working for any organization with annual ICT spending of 1-500 million
  • C-Suite Executives (CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CTOs etc..)  
  • Head of Institutions, Top Level Management.  
  • Business & Technology Architects.
  • Investors and Enthusiasts.  
  • Technocrats, Media, Bloggers, etc..
  • Government Officials who are involved in Digital Transformation initiatives within their respective portfolios.


Venture Based Learning is the proprietary upskilling methodology promoted by IN-CUBE to cultivate the digital talent in the current fourth industrial revolution era. 

A holistic approach towards digital product and solution delivery competency (design, build, launch, operate) are adopted, focusing on inculcating the TIME competency (Technology, Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship) along with the Decision-Making capabilities (observe, imitate, innovate, invent) at every phase.

What will you learn?

  • Digital Transformation Need and Opportunities
  • Enterprise Architecture concept
  • Digital Business Models and Platforms
  • Due-Diligence of Business and its Digital Footprint as a whole
  • Segmentation of the Current Digital Assets
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Exit Strategies from Legacy Applications
  • Costing and Budgeting
  • Proof of Concepts & Prototyping
  • Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking


  • Each participant will work on multiple dx exercises. 
  • The assignments shall be both individual and team-based activities. 
  • An industry expert shall evaluate each assignment with thorough feedback for improvement.


Leadership with proven Digital Transformation implementation experience worked across global MNCs in the past decade.


DX Architect Jobs for top-performing candidates - based on the assignments' score.


A certificate of participation at the end of the workshop sessions.


  • 1-5 Working days


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Institutional Offering Only. Customizable per the Institutional/Project requirements.


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