Why Product Design?

 The next 2 decades of the Digital economy is where trillions of dollars are being invested upon the connected Products and Platforms that touch every aspect of your lives.

Millions of opportunities exist in this juncture for job seekers, researchers, and entrepreneurs who wish to evolve as top innovators and float innovative brands.

Learn the Product Design and Development Skills in high-demand at the top-notch global brands and startups in this Industry 4.0 era.


 Our proprietary 'Venture based Learning' methodology enables a top-down approach towards problem-solving and product development, where converged learning of technology, innovation, management, and entrepreneurship skills is carried out with ease and efficiency while developing a product from scratch to meet a particular target market.

How does it help?


Participants gain end to end Product Development Lifecycle skills and competence required to secure a job or internship in the top product innovation companies globally.

Entrepreneurs and Startup enthusiasts get a complete hands-on on Innovation Cycle.

What is Covered?


  • 360° Product Design Skills
  • Problem Solving Tools, Techniques & Frameworks
  • Real-world Problem-Solving Experience.
  • Industry Experts & CoE driven Mentorship
  • INNOZENS Membership
  • Industry Interactions and Career Guidance
  • Job Placement with top product-based companies and brands
  • Start-Up Assistance (optional)

Age Criteria: 

13yrs & Above

Selection Criteria: 

Application followed by a personal/team interview performance. 


Limited to 120 Participants per year. 

Fee Structure: 

  • INR 30,000 -   3 months  - 1 Project Cycle
  • INR 60,000 -   6 months  - 2 Project Cycles
  • INR 95,000 - 12 months -  4 Project Cycle


  • 100% Fee Waiver - 20 Participants
  •  50% Fee Waiver - 20 Participants
  •  25% Fee Waiver - 20 Participants


*The above fees mentioned are per participant (taxes applicable).

*Scholarships and Fee Waiver are subjected to applicant's academic and skill proficiency.

* This program accepts applications from individuals, as well as teams (3-5 members maximum).

* The minimum age to apply is 13 years and there is no limit for maximum age. 

* We consider your passion and commitment to master the art and science of Digital Product Design.


1. Submit Application

2. Personal/Team Interview

3. Fee Payment on Final Selection