Why Digital Marketing is a hot skill in 2020 & beyond

 The last two decades of the 21st-century have laid a solid foundation for digital life, which is going to continue and grow at an exponential rate for the rest of the century. 


As of 2020, 4+ billion people globally are connected to the internet, and this number is increasing. Businesses, Governments, Non-profits, Celebrities, Political outfits from across the world need to spread and sell themselves, their products, programs, and brands altogether in-order to survive the competition and sustain in the growth markets.

A million+ digital marketing experts are required in the coming decade who can perform and earn at the above-mentioned millions of work opportunities globally.

A critical skill for Remote Workers & Freelancers to earn the livelihood from any corner of the world with minimal investment.


  • Age - 13 yrs & above. 
  • Education and Experience (any discipline) 
  • Creativity, coupled with Strategic Thinking, is the prime qualification to become a successful Digital Marketing Expert. 


Venture Based Learning is the proprietary upskilling methodology promoted by IN-CUBE to cultivate the digital talent in the current fourth industrial revolution era. 

A holistic approach towards digital product and solution delivery competency (design, build, launch, operate) are adopted, focusing on inculcating the TIME competency (Technology, Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship) along with the Decision-Making capabilities (observe, imitate, innovate, invent) at every phase.

What will you learn?

 In this Masterclass, the entire lifecycle (4 phases) of a Digital Campaign is thoroughly discussed, understood, and practiced through real-world assignments.

Campaign Lifecycle (4 Phases)

  • Design - Understanding the brand/customer/client requirement through empathy exercises. 
  • Build - Formulating a compelling campaign story using the best tools available. 
  • Launch - Identifying the appropriate channel(s) and the strategy across each of them. (Affiliate, Out of House and Social Media Channels) 
  • Operate - Review the KPIs from the Launch Channels as well as the Operational and Business Design units. Refining the design, build, and launch strategies accordingly. 

TIME Competency - Each assignment or a problem-solving exercise improves the solution delivery capability of the participant by the usage of Technology, Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship tools, frameworks, and solutions relevant to the effort.

Decision Making - Master the critical decision-making elements and factors at every phase of the Campaign lifecycle - the essential skill at work.


Mindset - Digital is as powerful as Nuclear. How we use it makes the future safe. Hence we discuss the Morals, Ethics, and Values associated with using the digital marketing strategy tools and the landscape as a whole. 


Career Opportunities - An overview of various jobs, growth, and business opportunities in the Digital Marketing space.


  •  The course involves each participant working on six different campaign lifecycles. 
  • The assignments shall be both individual and team-based activities. 
  • An industry expert shall evaluate each assignment with thorough feedback for improvement.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers sessions from industry experts for interaction and market insights.


Digital Marketing Jobs for top-performing candidates - based on the assignments' score.


A certificate of completion of the Digital Marketing Masterclass program at the successful end of the sessions.


 Mr. Srikanth Talluri is a well known Digital Visionary and founder of the IN-CUBE Digital Foundation, established to cultivate the Industry 4.0 talent. His 15+ years of Digital Transformation experience working for various global top brands, coupled with the education from the world’s leading institutions like Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has led to the establishment of India’s futuristic digital ecosystem, IN-CUBE. 

Mr. Talluri is the designer of ‘Venture Based Learning’ Methodology, is being considered as one of the best solutions for rapid and large scale Industry 4.0 talent development.


  •  6 Weekends (Sat & Sun) 
  • 12 Interactive Sessions (2 hours each) 
  • An additional 4-6 hrs of weekly effort is required to complete the assignments. 

Start date

A New Batch starts every 45 Days

Mode of Delivery

 Online, Instructor-Led


 IN-CUBE is a non-profit digital foundation fostering Industry 4.0 Digital Innovation, Employment and Entrepreneurship through various Upskill, Publishing, Research, Incubation and Problem-Solving activities.


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