GoINCUBE is the brain child startup Business Incubator of 

Mr. Srikanth Talluri (Stanford, MIT), a visionary leader carrying abundance of industry experience, vast exposure, deep understanding and global network in the Industry 4.0 landscape. 

Mr. Srikanth wishes to promote the culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship among young students, working professionals, business personnel and government workforce - to enhance the career and business opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. 


Trillions of Dollars of new economy is slated to be created through Billions of Connected People and Devices across social and industrial lives. Newer Business Models and associated Jobs that never existed are being created due to the digital capabilities becoming abundant and affordable. 

Customer centric models coupled with technology bed is paving the way for Digital Business Models. Sensors, Networks, Embedded Systems, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Drones, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality and more form the building blocks for the Internet of Things (IOT) era. Combinational use of these technologies and capabilities for social, industrial and government uses are now creating as well as replacing many jobs, brands, and services across the globe.


Vision: Cultivating Inno'zens - Fostering Inno'nations.

GoINCUBE is on the mission to promote and launch 200 startups by 2024 and generate a minimum of one Billion Dollars of New Economy globally.

GoINCUBE is ready to partner and work with like-minded individuals, institutions and entities to accomplish the mission.

"Human Centred - Digital Products & Business Models" through Design Thinking is the focal point of GoINCUBE.


Our team is industrially diverse, globally distributed and highly committed to the Industry 4.0 promotion and execution.

We are Stanford, MIT Alumni, Seasoned Technocrats.from top MNCs and successful Startup Founders.

IOT driven E-COMMERCE Platforms  & Business Models is our current area of Focus.


From idea to an enterprise, the journey of any startup founder(s) require mentorship, timely direction, investment that fuels and propels the startup vehicle into a successful venture creating jobs and economy.

We continuously strive to work with our global mentorship, academia, industry, investment, legal and government partners who add life and value to any new product, service or platform being introduced into the market(s) through the startups.

Our startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace. 

Our portfolio includes startups focusing on

- HRaaS

- Biomedical

- Retail

- Media 

- Social Entrepreneurship


Our global epicentre is at Hyderabad, India. While our reach and services are boundary less. 

We are happy to work, collaborate and deliver our services globally.


Our sessions are targeted and custom tailored for startup enthusiasts, academia, corporates and governments.

Technology, Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship (TIME) blended workshops & trainings are the way to evolve and emerge as competent entrepreneurs and workforce meeting Industry 4.0 demands and requirements.

Interested in hosting an event with us?